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If you reached us as a customer trough this section it means we definitively need to share our building process to you in order to achieve the making of your plans. The finall masterpiece will be the finest blend between retro and futuristic design.

On a high level overview the process is consisted of 6 main steps up to the final delivery to you



The very first thing we need to start with is to identify if you car model is already among Sechtor models or not.You can check this by going to MAKE

IT>left toggle menu – Search for base car production factory code. Eg. Nissan 300ZX 1991-2000 has code=Z32(how to find my car code?)
If your car model is listed then you need to select it, then choose Product Poll Candidates,select the desired category.

Here is your input is highly needed.That we can take in a committed and organized way as a VOTE.
Your vote is the first we collect about :
vehicle part in case car model is already among the ones produced by Sechtor
or if you vehicle not listed as vehicle model you want us to build parts for.No matter which vote is it for, you will have 3 features input fields to fill in your preferences.These are very important for the 3rd step

Both, product for existing model, or new car model are subjects of statistically count.The most popular(the more votes) will win.
That means the features requested for your product can or cannot pass , in total or partially, to the Poll winner datasheet. To assure you can get the best out of your vote please choose to be popular among poll participants, since Sechtor products are already targeting being unique.

The VOTE can be placed only to the vote candidates*. For new car model,you can find Product pool candidate in section : MAKE IT > Car Model Candidates
By pressing POLL VOTE, you will get into the process vote which is very similar with a regular buy.Once order is sent, you automatically enter in process for

getting your car re-done,or any of its parts. The minimum number of votes for each candidate is preliminary decided and published,before opening a poll.


The next step is the backing time of your idea.In this period, Sechtor is promoting your idea and triggers to multiple channels people with same interest

as yours in order to reach the maximum votes. The status for needed voters is displayed on Sechtor homepage and updated in real time.
In addition you would want to spread the word among your friends on social media to find the ones interested in it. This way you dramatically increase the

chances to make a winner for production, out your desired car model or product.
Both parties Sechtor and you are directly interested in reaching the minimum voters**


Placing the pre-order, in the full final amount of the product cost.Once being here, you are on the half way to the finish line
If you previously placed your vote in the polls, in this step you will have the discount in the amount of the vote fee.
If you previously didn’t had the chance to participate to poll voting, you will still be able to buy parts directly from this step for the wining candidates.
At this step features you applied for your Vote, will be statistically counted with all the voters.
Both product for existing model, or new car model are subjects of this analysis.
In this step is decided which of the features requested by you pass to Poll winner datasheet.




Now we step in even more, with the build up process. Here is where the entire creativity, the skills and the newest technologies are accessed in order to

materialize. In this step the molds are made, the materials are chosen, the electronics are build and software will be written.
Could look short described, but this is actually where the biggest part of effort are made by


Testing to some might be an step which can slightly be skipped. To us,testing is absolutely necessary to confirm the quality standards belonging to our

Using the CDSA technique, we are able to give you ca choose to be the owner of the product in avanpremierre -before any other regular voter who won the

poll and placed the full make-it order.
The item you will get will be for free fully replaced by us with the final version once the released date get’s overdue. ***
To be eligible for avanpremierre replacement, you need travel at least XNo**** kilometer within 4months and accept us the logging activation in order to

support us in the testing phase.




The most expected by all of us, when item is fully ready, we will send it to you.
We offer you the option to send in groups for members belonging to forums or car communities which hold group meetings.
For this matter just use the Contact form,and we will get back to you.


Continuous Development and Support for Automotive
This is a new business model,where a car is continuously developed and offered support bu using rapid prototyping techniques which allow to assure the sustainability of mileage usage and wearing effects.
By this approach, usually is applied to old vehicles >20 years, where OEM manufactures and third parties suspended their support and parts production. In these given circumstances, the CDSA is the best ratio for availability/cost
ratio. The outcome is not aiming necessarily to copycat the OEM parts, but to deliver an reliable and durable replacements. Sometimes these can be carry over from existing on the market (reference part matching) some other can be rapid prototyped improved design so on.
All provided parts have a label for safety on the road homologation, and based in this label, you know if your vehicle needs to be checked by the local authority or not applicable.If owner will implement several parts labeled as “for individual homologation” all at once there is enough to do one single check to get the vehicle approval for entire system.

This service addresses to owners passionate by classic/history automobiles who want to keep theirs vehicle main appearance, but in the main time they want to embed some of the very modern or futuristic systems in it.
The CDSA model gives the chance to get the best out of replicating obsolete parts for classic and retro vehicles , and in the same time, gives the kit cars the chance the be equipped with highest standards developed parts.

**** Number of kilometers – will be revealed once NDA will be signed between you and

**If an candidate didn’t reached the maximum number of votes, Sechtor will refund the bid fee to each of the voters.In case the candidate become winner but

any bidder wants to withdraw from the process, the vote will not be refunded,but used further in the process for the remaining voters.

*Candidates are chosen by Sechtor depending on various factors, including automotive market, popularity , model production units, etc.Though we very much

appreciate your opinion about any of the models you consider it deserves to get into the candidates list.If you have any in mind,please let us know and we

will do our best to bring it into the polls.