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Hello there,




We come to you, in several ways for fulfilling your dreams,  and aspirations for cars .Is a  great pleasure to have you here ,and  glad to share with you this passion where art of shape, sound, touch and technology emerge in-together


The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

We’ve been going to a long way since that day in 2007, to be able to give now to  you the opportunity to try out all our services.

For that please feel free to use our portal where you can:

+     buy with pre-order (start of production) automotive items never produced before, we will build it and ship it to you*.

+     buy with pre-order (start of production) items of existing retro-cars** (older than 15y since last series was out on the market) under terms and conditions of SECHTOR™, we will build it and ship it to you.

+     request – and get full highly professional CAR lifetime support for your voted CAR model*** , once minimum community vote has been reached

+     get free of charge service where no hands-on or part replacement, search or restoration operation is necessary.

+     place order at any time, orders are continuously processed, and production is limited edition oriented,is not meant to exceed to mass production series, so there is no reason to wait for your order in case prices will fall.
Displayed price will be unlikely changed (only dependent of EUR/USD market value)

+     order any part for your vehicle, up to the whole CAR, once minimum community vote has been reached, we will build it and ship it to you.

+     download technical data, apps or SW tools developed by SECHTOR™ , for SECHTOR™ designed retro-futurism car models.

+     receive full support for local authority homologation (See available countries)

The entire activity of ours is driven by the following distinct values :


the BALLANCE . LIFE is the source of all we can offer, so work must never take it's place,but be the most beatifull blend of it


FUTURISM IS IN OUR MINDS greater innovation, putting it in a shape of any object is making going closer to the stars


Always in our focus to produce to you a feeling by the most originary senses : touch,light,sound


we always search for perfection , but stay sane, “If people reach perfection they vanish, you know.” T.H. White